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Dr Michael Rivera

Archaeologist, Biological Anthropologist, Science Communicator, Filmmaker

Dr Michael Rivera

Dr. Michael B. C. Rivera is a Filipino-Chinese researcher, writer, public speaker and biological anthropologist based in Hong Kong. Obtaining his PhD in 2019 from the University of Cambridge, his main research focuses on how human history and development over the last six million years. He is the lead archaeologist managing the excavation of the remains of the Avenger that crashed in Hong Kong in 1945.

Dr. Rivera is currently working on establishing a greater presence of bioanthropological science in Hong Kong, in terms of research, teaching, laboratory and field projects, and public engagement projects. He has worked in/has other active projects in the Philippines, Japan, India, and further beyond in Southeast Asia, Europe, South America and Africa. Finally, Dr. Rivera has also worked extensively in making scientific work and research ideas accessible through various forms of teaching, social media and public engagement.

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