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Winsome Lee

Operations Manager, Archaeologist, Biological and Forensic Anthropologist

Winsome Lee

Winsome has just embarked her PhD journey this fall. Prior to this, she has awarded a graduate degree in Forensic Anthropology and Forensic Archaeology. She is a biological anthropologist by training. Aside as a learner, she works for various organizations, from humanitarian NGO to law enforcement agencies. Since 2017, she has partnered with a private DVI company on working on disaster relief and response.

Winsome has a strong commitment to interdisciplinary work. Her education and professional experiences background are rather international, ranging from Europe to the States to Africa. At the same time, her research, and experiences merge with her writing avatar. She promotes public intellectualism and commits into science communication via her weekly column in local media in Hong Kong. She has published in total of 7 books in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Translated version of some are released in other Asian countries in 2021.

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